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This is a sad week for anyone who owned a chipper,tomahawk or chopper. the raleigh factory in nottingham is to close later in the year :mad:
did anyone jag their nuts on the gearshift? Ahhh chopper injuries of the 70's :O)
this follows the news that smith industries are closing a factory too,i wonder where this will all end?

Kev - JIM had a Chopper - got a picture of him on it somewhere - will scan it in sometime - he'll hate me for that!

I tried to destroy it doen a hill in Rutland called Burley. Still have the scars on my elbows where I got the proverbial "gravel rash". I alsways blamed the "Choppers" satability or lack of it! :D

Sad news though - we have 4 Raleighs in the household - best look after them - last of the breed.
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