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Annonying Cars will be confiscated!

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ANNOYING CARS CONFISCATED! Monday 28th January from We will have our revenge on ***!

The Police Reform Bill will give police the powers to confiscate annoying cars. What's your definition of annoying then constable?

David Blunkett's recent Police Reform Bill includes some interesting powers being given to police with regard to dealing with motorists.

For example it will introducing powers for police officers and CSOs (Community Safety Officers!) to seize vehicles causing a nuisance. Section 52 of the Bill relates to 'Vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance' (does this include numpties with no lane discipline?!). It gives uniformed officers the powers to stop and confiscate a vehicle subject to them warning the driver first. Further regulations relating to the storage or disposure of the vehicles may be put in place.

Blunkett commented: "Community Support Officers and the 'police family' of Accredited Community Safety Officers will be able to make a real difference in tackling anti-social behaviour. The new power for police officers and CSOs to seize vehicles from those who create misery in parks, public spaces and on the roads will be an effective power and a deterrent."

A less controversial measure is granting the power to have blood samples taken from unconscious drivers. The driver would be asked for consent when consciousness is regained. If consent was withheld the sample could not be used, but this refusal would be an offence in the same way as it is for conscious drivers to refuse consent for a sample to be taken.
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If annoying cars are to be confiscated can I suggest the Fiat Tipo.

I cannot be the only one to find those opera singers in the back annoying. Or am I the only one to remember that advert.
Or "FIAT STRADAS" built by Robots driven by "******"
Talking of Fiat, I had no idea that Ciqicento (probably spelt wrongly) was Italian for 'Why Bother ?' then I saw one!!
Perhaps the most outstanding gaffe from Turin was with the Punto. It is a native South American slang for P***s!! ;)
What about the Panda.

I know that Italy has better weather than us but why fit deck chairs instead of seats.
Guess we don't like FIATS then - nearest I got to buying was around 1980 - X1/9. I remember them falling to pieces later in the Eighties, which was closely followed by the 130 Mirifiori (?) on my wants list (used succesfully in rallies at the time).

Also liked the sister companies wares at Lancia, who can forget the beautiful STRATOS, still being copied today, plus I tried to get Father to buy the Beta Coupe (now wasn.t that a loverly car/engine - shame about the metal used!). :D

Hey guys - do you like the Elephant GUN? :D :D
If I were not so sunk into MG-R, then the Italians would easily suffice. I do actually like Fiats-I had my heart set on a 1600 Mirafiori for my first car, and when the time came could I find one not plagued with tinworm? No way! I settled for a Marina instead, not nearly as exiciting but at least there were no corrosion issues, and many Mirafiori owners were scrapping them after as little as 6 years. And as for the Lancia Beta, well I remember the "Thats Life" prog. where they actually bought a new one, took it to the studio, and peeled back the carpets in front of the nation. It was not a pretty sight!:eek:
And the X/19 was nowhere near as good looking as the TR7/8 IMHO, regardless of it's abilities.
P. S. LOVE the gun!

Perhaps you should lend it to *** so they can put the new 7 series out of it's misery......
That's not fair - you've mentioned the TR8 word. I will have to attach a picture of Pondy doing his stuff. That engine was just wonderful in the car - the only car I wish I hadn't sold was my first TR7/8.

I know that I've said it before, I bought mine and after 20k miles threw away the engine and had the full "8" upgrade done by Dele Lines (prepared Ponds works machines at the time). It wasnt perfect, but after couple more years it nearly was and then came along #1 son.

The story will continue - I need to find the pictures of the conversion and then I may add a features page on the main site and use it has an example. If anyone else has any pictures and/or story they want on the main site - e-mail away. :)

NB. Saw in Classic Car mag a TR6 with I think 650 miles for £20k this month - tempted to shelve the ZT when I saw that. It was my first want car!


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Never been a great lover of Fiat cars. However, I nearly bought a Fiat Super Mirafiori TC, must have been around 1982. Remember the gleaming orange paintwork, or was that red oxide. Lovely machine and very successful in the world rally championship.

So what car did I get? A triumph Dolomite Sprint, Vermillion with black vinyl roof bought privately from a chap near Stamford, Lincs. Sold in 1983 to Jerry to make way for an MG Metro!
I remember to Super Mirafiori well.

A friend of a friend had one at about that time and thought it was the dogs ********.

He was really upset when he found that it could not match my Europa for handling despite its power advantage.
Whilst driving past Thorne on the M18 I thought that someone had already started doing what this thread was about and started confiscating annoyoing cars, unfortunately it was the distribution centre for ***.
:D :D :D
JLD said:
Whilst driving past Thorne on the M18 I thought that someone had already started doing what this thread was about and started confiscating annoyoing cars, unfortunately it was the distribution centre for ***.
:D :D :D
Good one John - my bros in law lives there. He mentions that all the workers get a 3-series for 6 months as a company perk for very few notes pm. 3-series is as common as muck in Yorkshire with the stigma of a Mondaya! :D :D
Hope that they get paid well for having to be seen in one.
:D :D :D
I think we should look at the people who buy ***'s, perhaps they are the ones that should put away.
Interestingly, noted confiscated FORD's not even registered on the now dis-used former British Steele works in Corby. Focus, KA, Transit Vans, you name it.

Are there many confiscated Rovers/MGs kicking around on dis-used waste land?

I don't know about you guys, but the Volkswagen Golf really gets on my nerves!

They always think they own the road and act like prats whenever given the opportunity ie: all the time!

Yeah, I'll confiscate a VW Golf anyday! :D
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