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We are organising a line-up of all the different models of Metro / Rover 100 at MG Saloon Day 8 July 2012, at Shuttleworth Collection SG18.

The show is being organised by MG 'M' Group and the MGCC Zed Register.
It is open to all models of MG and Rover, old and new.
Visit for more info.

Here is an incomplete list of Metro / Rover100 models that we are after:

mg metro mk1
mg metro turbo mk1
mg metro mk2 early
mg metro mk2 late
mg metro turbo mk2 early
mg metro turbo mk2 late
metro gta
mg metro 6r4
metro van
metro jet black
metro red hot
metro advantage
metro 1.3s
metro vp500
metro vp
1.4 cab
1.4 16v cab
mg metro turbo mk2 convertible
metro race car
rover 115d
city 3dr
city 5dr
city x 3dr
city x 5dr
1L 3dr
1L 5dr
1.3L 3dr
1.3L 5dr
1 HLE 3dr
1.3 HLE 5dr
1.3 GS 3dr
1.3 GS 5dr
Auto 3dr
1 Mayfair 3dr
1.3 Mayfair 5dr
1.3 Sport 3dr
1.3 Studio2 3dr
1.3 Principles 5dr
1.3 Kensington
gti 16v 3dr
gti 16v 3dr
gta 16v 3dr
gta 16v 5dr
gta 3dr
gta 5dr
1.4 GS 5dr
1.4 SL 3dr
1.4 SL 5dr
1.1 C 3dr
1.1 C 5dr
1.1 L 3dr
1.1 L 5dr
1.1 S 3dr
1.1 S 5dr
Netherlands registered
France registered

Please contact [email protected] or visit


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If my son psses his test we may be able to offer a late 1.1 3 door ascot, mildly modified.
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