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Air Duct Between Air Filter and Resonator

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Hi guys,

Does anyone know where I can get the air duct that joins the air cleaner and resonator (items 1 and 4 on the diagram below)?

Air Duct diagram

Car: MGZS 180 2002 model.

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I have thought about doing that before to keep an slight induction roar but I am sure someone on here advised against it, something about puddles and water getting in the induction system, although I don't think it would as it would be sheilded behind the front bumper.
May give it a try when I am next off ;)

My pipe is off until I get around to fitting the Viper cold air induction to the inner wing. No puddles to worry about in Guernsey :) and it sounds much better :racer: - have a performance exhaust on as well which might be helping the engine breath out a little better.

Off topic: Might need to improve the brakes though..... had a sprint home down the lanes tonight and after 10 mins and a couple of anti lock moments on the dusty back road tarmac there was nothing left - faded altogether and I
had to back off. Got Honda uprated pads on (Green stuff equivalent) on standard discs....

Great fun though and she sounded lovely with all the windows down :)

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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