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First off I know it’s night and day but hope you petrol heads can advice.

previously owned Mercedes’ cclass auto but drive manual Merc Sprinterfor work, I hVe always been told my transport office that gear change optimum is about 2500rpm.

Recently purchased MG ZS Manual 5 speed, it’s just meant to be a A-B car .

before selecting 2nd gear take off is like 3000rpm. 2gear car can run upto 30mph happy within 2500rpm, 3rd gear cars running 35-40 happy, 4th gear car drops down to 2000rpm at 40mph and doesn’t know if it wants To keep going or get you to change lower gear, 5th gear 50-70mph happy.

when I don’t look at rpm counter for optimal gear change I’m quite happy with the smooth running but fear revs might be running high at some gears and killing the 1.5l engine.

can gear ratio be fine tuned by a garage for smoother running
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