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The ACO have rec'd 96 enteries for this years Le Mans. Some will be accepted straight away and don't have to go through a selection.

Looking at the New Panoz, reminds me of the Porsche 956 entered by Joest and raced by non other than ex Can Am star and one time Shadow F1 racer George Follmer in the '86 event. It was decked out in Stars and stripes representing the USA Flag.

More details and pic of the Panoz on

Accepted Enteries for Le Mans try



Air freighted a PANOZ last year to Florida with Virgin. Had a walk around it - nobody on the Tarmac knew what it was. Don't they sound absoloutely fantastic? Can't wait for Le Man - THE race in the Motorsport calendar.

Link to Panoz Site

Jim - I also agree the Joest "New Man #7 car" was brilliant.

PS: Panoz Performance Figures with 600+ bhp.

0-10 mph 0.27
0-20 mph 0.58
0-30 mph 0.93
0-40 mph 1.24
0-50 mph 1.66
0-60 mph 2.28
0-70 mph 2.80
0-80 mph 3.21
0-90 mph 3.77
0-100 mph 4.44
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