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Just been to the Gym - not a sensible move for an overwieight 45 year old. :(

Anyway in the carpark was a new 7-series. Apart from being a *** which means it's lost half its cred anyway. I found the car looks appalling, the Boot lid looks like an afterthought. What are *** messing at? I admit the M3 looks fantastic, but their latest 6 and 7 series styling has lost the plot!

Also, the high tech gadgetry is fine but all that lot in a car, bad enough trying to use the CD player or the phone in a car let alone send e-mails. OK, e-mails to this Forum I would make an exception! :D

I suggest the Quant family sell there shares now as that car is going to bomb! :p :p :p

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It won't bomb simply because it is a ***.

One comment about the iDrive system. It was obviously designed for left hand drive, which means that UK buyers have to navigate with the left hand, which not all people could do.

Doesn't bother me mind you, as I'm left handed!!! :D :D :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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