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280 hp from modern 1,8 litres petrol engine won`t make me to raise my eyebrowns, it is so easy to do.
You just change exhaust system to similar like in rally Evo and your rolling road man greate more turbo pressure + new fuel and ignition maps to suit.

Power in turbo engine is very much related to air pressure coming into the cylinder. Good examble is my Ducato. With 1,0 bar its having 122 hp. With 1,4 bar pressure we got 142 hp without any kind of modification. Another good examble is BMW 1500 cc engine which gave with 4,9 bar pressure 1300 hp but with 3,0 bar only 740 hp.

If they say that Roewe had 400 hp or more I would like to know which kind of engine Kavachi really is and how it can cope with that amount of power compared old Rover K. Can`t find any dravings about it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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