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Well I will go to the foot of our stairs. On my Fuji Roubaix Pro cycle down the lanes pretending to be Wiggo and I heard the V8 first, but passed me on a bend before I could get a proper look - nearly fell off the bike :). Pretty certain it was a Mk1 and in Flip (the purple / blue flip colour) - def V8 exhausts and motor. Like this one (but not this actual one obviously) - it was on a Guernsey plate so living here (not visiting).

Been here 4 years and never seen it before but there are a lot of retired people here with loot who keep 3 or 4 cars locked away in garages. Saw a mint Mk2 Ford Escort RS 2000 Droopsnoot this summer (my dream car at aged 18) in red and it was a minter - worth about £20,000 grand now apparently. And also this fairly unique Supersport TF lives here

I will do a bit of digging about with the locals.

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