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its okay its off topic its my thread:p i sprayed them myself(mistake) in vauxhall moonland, they looked great till i took the runflats off them and the machine dug into it and wrecked it n its kina starting to flake, still look good but getting them powdercoated next year. as for the pictures, if my eyes where cameras there would be 1000's id choose, but ive only got a phone camera and its not always easy to get pics out the car when its moving, i had a perfect location the other day at the top of the rest and be thankful looking down the valley about a 500ft drop with the car looking over it all, and i never had my phone, fort william really is a beutiful drive through glencoe, plan to go up further north this year possible the orkneys. maybe get some better pics then


· 04/02/2010
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Good day out! got some nice pics of the cars. Us 110's certainly stood up for ourselfs! Not a 180 in sight . That poor wee sheep standing at the side of the road. Load of ducks, swans etc were eyeing up the BBQ!

My ZS feels more responsive thanks to Ritchy! Im sure Marcus will say the same for his ZS.

Now for the Pics!

aircon and leccie windows FTW!!!! Who needs a bodykit?

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Great location, cars look mint, like the three different sets of rear lights.

Load of ducks, swans etc were eyeing up the BBQ!

Shoudnt that read:- We were eyeing up loads of ducks, swans for the BBQ!!

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