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2005 MG ZS 180 MK2 For Sale

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Time to sell my ZS

Here is the Ebay Classified Add

Open to Offers

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The original Stereo is now in my Dads Combine Harvester!!

1st owner was the dealer, then previous owner had it swapped from his wifes name when they got divorced. So not so bad.

Just because i don't spend time cleaning the engine does not mean the car is unloved. Car has regular oil changes with fully synthetic oil. Bumpers, and alloys were like that when i purchased the car 22 months ago with 24k on the clock. I think it's best to give an honest impression of the car so people don't waste there time or mine. Not everyone wants a show car!

All in all, there isn't many MK2s for sale at this price.
It's so cheap as i am trying to get a sale! Since i have had it i have done 60 miles a day in it and it hasn't let me down once.

It's a buyers market for 2.5 V6 engines in this eco climate i guess.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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