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Hi all :)

The time has come to sell my ZS MK2.

Alot of you have seen my Goodwood Green ZS at various XPF meets and Pride of Longbridge. It's done 63,000 miles.

Good points:

-Not long had Cambelt done
-4 new Tyres fitted in November, done about 3000 miles since then.
-MOT'd untill October

Bad points

Tax runs out end of this month
-It needs a service
-Bodywork no longer immaculate: Scuff on offside rear bumper and arch, scuff on edge of spoiler, 2p size dent on passenger door, stonechip and dent on bonnet, alloys kerbed slightly
-Needs a new Catalytic Converter
-Heater doesn't work on position 1 and 2
-Coolant is dropping slightly, checked gasket and that's fine. Don't think it's the water pump, reckon it could be the heater?
-Drivers side electric window sticks when opening
-Drivers side seat worn on edge

The reason that I haven't had these things done is because I have been given an older ZS and need to sell this one ideally before the tax runs out on 31st March. It's still a lovely looking car and although the bodywork has a few scrapes you can't really notice any of them unless you are looking for them.

Because of all of the bad points, I'm after £800. I reckon the cat will cost about £300, service £200 and the other things I don't know. I've seen similar MK2s on Autitrader, ebay and Pistonheads for £1500 upwards.

I will take some more pictures in daylight, including the bodywork with scuffs on. People who know the car love it, and it's only because my dad is giving me his ZS that i'm selling this one.

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