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160 or 190?

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Has anyone driven both the ZT 160 and the ZT 190?

I need to buy a fast, British estate car to replace a fast British sports car (TVR Chimaera 4.0). I am well aware that unless I wait for the X385 (sadly not an option), I'm never going to get anywhere near the same power to weight ratio, so I'm wondering whether the 30bhp really makes much difference.

I loved the handling, brakes and general "feel" of the ZT. The only disappointment was the engine didn't really shift such a heavy car as much as I would have liked. If I'm taking such a big hit on power, then is 30bhp worth almost £2000?
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Not much help I'm afraid, but here goes.

I did own a R75 2.5 - 177bhp.
I've test driiven the ZT190 - 188bhp (190ps).
My brother drives a R75 - 2.0 V6 with 150 ps.

For me the ZT & R75 2.5 V6 difference was not really apparent. So in your case to drop to 160 from my 177bhp should be OK. Also, I have to say my brother is very satisfied with his R75 150ps 2.0.

The one thing you are buying with the ZT is a very good handling car over the R75, which in itself is very good.

However, whatever you drive you are going to be disappointed, after owning that monstrous TVR!

Finally, you mention saving £2000. Have you tried the dealers, they are giving discounts on the ZT's, then you won't have to make the sacrifice. My local dealer is worth at least a phone call. Listed on the main site are my recommended dealers (under Links).

Check out ZT Gossip.htm Dave Harrison one of out contributors has road tested and written a very good report on his findings!
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The TVR has to go, as my wife is expecting next month! Given that I have had 3 years of immense enjoyment from driving it, from the cammaraderie of the TVR Car Club, seeing the Cerbera's race in the GT/GTO series and annoying all my colleagues who drive ***'s - there really couldn't be anything else that could replace it.

However, with a MG ZT-T, I can join the MGOC, watch the BTCC & JWRC, still annoy my *** colleagues and still travel relativley swiftly!

Trident in Weybridge have come up with what seems a good deal on a pre-reg ZT-T 160+, but Trade Sales in Slough advertise ZT-T 190+ for £18,000 (although they never have any in stock and are not helpful to deal with).
<<<<<However, with a MG ZT-T, I can join the MGOC, watch the BTCC & JWRC, still annoy my *** colleagues and still travel relativley swiftly!

Too true. I went to the last three rounds of the BTCC last year and had a great time! That strange looking chap Kevin also attended!

The prices you have look good, the trade sale price is also very good, not sure what warranty/aftersales care you may get though! It seem that dealers ocasionally get very good deals they can pass on. Kernahan, my local dealer last month had R75 Con Tourers (2.0 V6) for £17k! Anybody else found good deals!

is there going to be a V8 ZTT in the spring or will it only be a saloon with the V8?

I can also say that I'm not sure I can really help. However, I have test driven the 160+ and the 190+, and can say that comparing, the 190 definately feels much faster than the 160.

I decided to plump for the extra power in the end, and I think it was worth the extra amount of money. Mind you, I did get a dealer special, 190+ with all options except sunblind and Satnav for under 20 grand...:D :D :D

Like Kev said, you're never going to get mindblowing performance compared to the TVR, but is still quick, and very comfy for the family.

One thing you might want to check before buying- If you're thinking about getting the HK audio upgrade, and also have a baby, bear in mind that the sub does reduce the height of the boot. This does make our pram a rather tight fit!:eek:

Another dealer to be recommended if you're in that part of the country is Howards group in Weston-S-Mare. If you go there, tell them I sent you!

I hear they have a nice silver ZT190+ with everything on it including satnav etc... Dunno how much though. I can probably find out if anyone is interested?
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Coincidentally, spoke to Kernahan's this afternoon and they have a ZT-T 190+ in Trophy Blue available for immediate delivery that they will "discuss" a discount on. :)

Talk to Ian Rowe on 01993 703924 either before 6pm today or Thursday onwards (Wed off). Mention my name Jerry Flint.

I can confirm that MGR are planning to release a -T version of the higher spec saloons due for release over the next couple of years. Haven't heard too much about specs etc, but plans are definitely in the pipeline.

I have also heard rumbles coming from the MGR camp that higher spec versions of the ZS and the ZR are being prepared for production in the next couple of years. Don't know how true these rumblings are, however I will keep my ear to the ground and update you all as soon as I know something.

I would avoid that place in Slough like the plague.

Someone has today said that some VERY cooking ZR & S are being run out overnight on the M42, flanked by some ZT's....:D :D :D
XPower Admin! said:
Talk to Ian Rowe on 01993 703924 Thursday onwards (Wed off). Mention my name - Jerry Flint.

Wifes Trophy was in for serviced this am - managed to take a digi of the ZTT. Much better visually with the 190 wheels as opposed to those on the 160! Hope this is of some help!


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Thanks for the suggestions about which dealer. I'll try and drive both a 160 and a 190 back to back, and make a decision from that.

Either way, I'll need to get a car sorted before Le Mans. Anyone else thinking of going?

Have you had the time to make a decison yet - you know you need the 190, you will always be saying I wish I bought the "190" regardles of rational arguments. Also, decided on a supplioer?

On the Le Mans issue - I've been a regular visitor. But this year I could not get leave for it, I will request the days off "Fri-Mon" and hope that works. With that in mind better look at the ferry xing soon. Paul, my bros regurlarly goes too (R75). Let us know your plans and maybe can dovetail something nearer the time. Or a celnet # later on, we could then murder a couple of bottles sorry glasses of red chewing the fat at the Sarthe!
Last time I went to Le Mans was 1988, the Jaguar win was sweet.
Did you?


Did you ever buy that ZT?


regarding the "Will the 385 just be a saloon, or will there be an estate-version" query, I doubt as to whether MGR will allow Audi to walk away with the "most powerful production estate car" claim for much longer. I think it#'s another "watch-this-space" moment. It might not arrive at the same time, but I am prett sure it WILL arrive.

Thanks for the interest, but I'm going to wait till the 265 bhp ZT-T arrives. I'm disappointed it isn't ready now, as originally promised, but I'm prepared to be patient.

Given how well the ZT steered, rode and controlled its weight; I'm really looking forward to seeing how it copes with rwd and a big torquey V8!


The Tourer version of the RWD cars will be available, I'm assured.


Will be worth the wait - have you placed an order?
"Has anyone driven both the ZT 160 and the ZT 190?"

Yes, I test drove the ZT 160 and 190 back to back and against the ZS and a number of non-MGs.

The 160 being essentially the same car felt just as good and, if speed is not the issue for you, the general quality of the vehicle makes it still an excellent car. At the dealer price however I would opt for the 190. Note that the 75 V6 is quicker than the 160.

Rover employees (or relatives of them like me) are being offered the 160+ at a very attractive discount (<16k) This makes it a very tempting proposition for them but also means that trade-in price may be nasty for you. The Longbridge car park is a sea of bright blue and red.

For the record the one that I love and drive is a black bute of a 190.

:cool: :D
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