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16 inch wheels required

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Still looking for set of 16 inch wheels to fit ZS180 condition not important, just the right price :D No tyres required
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I would assume that you are intending keeping the 17 inch wheels that were supplied as original equipment.
Yes, I actually need the 16" wheels for the winter tyre setup I require. 17" with low profile are not ideal when your up to your neck in snow and ice :D
I've got a set of Fox racing 5 spokes that came off a Rover 25. They should fit the bigger 45 based model. One wheel is scratched and the tyres aren;t great either. If you are not that bothered then you can have for £50 + P&P to get them to you.

If you want them then please mail me. Cheers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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