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  1. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Please see attached for information on how to align the ZT260 suspension.
  2. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Contacted these guys in June: Just followed up with an order in Black to look like OEM.
  3. Was It You???
    The family selling this on Ebay had a yellow ZS180 for same and a BRM. Anyone know the person?
  4. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    I have found some one who is willing to fit a supercharger and a knowledgeable mapper once installed. Will keep you advised.
  5. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Below are pictures of the ZT260 after being fettled by RPS Rally of Witney. Will add some of the front when the wheels are changed next week.
  6. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Is there any mileage in getting these remanufactured? Reason is that I have seen a few broken welds. Plus Rimmers seem to be overcharging. If the answer is YES, how many should be required?
  7. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Well 11 years have elapsed since my last MG branded car (6R4). I have just placed a deposit on a ZT260. Rather excited to hear the rumble and I know many of the issues these days will have been ironed out. Collect it when back in the UK in around two weeks. I believe Brian (scooter) at...
  8. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Does anyone know anything about this car? Click here!
  9. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Read the horror storeys and looked at replacements on Rimmer Brothers site amongst others and found the price to be extortionate. Has any looked at getting these remanufactured? I know a steel fabricator that could do this job - of ever I needed one. Oh and I know the two-sixty site may...
  10. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    If my purchase is successful: Thing I'll be buying MG7 rear lights (well maybe). If so where do you buy them from. Trawling the net - there seems to be some parts that you need as a back-up. So will stock these for myself. Rear Springs Top Hose Brake Discs Will add to the list as necessary
  11. ZT V8 / SV & SVR
    Just registered on the Two-Sixty Forum Appear to be a lot for sale on there - - but looking deeper not so many. Some on Autotrader and Pistonheads - will try to shortlist from these sources. Not going to pay over the odds. Wants: XPG - Black as a first choice. SE spec + Mark 2 Low Mileage...
1-11 of 11 Results