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  1. Wanted; incl. Ebay items!
    Wanted ZS 180 xpower springs Hi, Im after a set of xpower/eibach springs for A ZS 180. I only want a small drop, too many speed bumps near me. Thanks
  2. MG-Rover General Chat
    Hi, I am trying to find information about the MG ZR 1.8 Rally vehicles that were built by Xpower The vehicle in question is a 2007 model,one of the last ones made by xpower.I am trying to find out about the Braking,Suspension,Steering and transmission system.If anyone can help then please do
  3. XPF Merchandise
    Hi All, I used to own an MG ZR with the full Rally Decals. unfortunately some inconsiderate pleb crashed into me and it was declared a write off. I had purchased an embroidered Heavey Weather Jacket with the MG Xpower logo embroidered on the front brest and then in large on the Back. See...
  4. For Sale; incl. Ebay items!
    These were bought years ago (possibly 2001). Both as new. One worn by myself (twice and by AJ) the other never worn. Both XL. Can pay buy Paypal if you are interested. £35 including postage for the 1st one. Second one TBD! PM me if interested (can pay using Paypal).
  5. MG-Rover General Chat
    Hey guys, A buddy of mine just emailed me that a chap he knows might be seeling his cars reg plate, stand by... V6 XPW Now is this a really cool reg for all Xpower fans? I have a ZS 180 and have badged it up as Xpower, so i am pretty intrested!! How much do you think it is worth? and...
1-5 of 5 Results