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  1. MG ZS
    Forgotten I had this. Car's gone and this is all that's left! Bought it from Rimmers some years back after some fairytale MOT advisory. Never fitted. I'll take 20 quid on it.
  2. MG ZS
    Turned ignition on with driver side jacked up (in neutral, of course) and front wheel started spinning at a steady pace. Wouldn't stop turning until I turned the engine off. Clutch not fully disengaging? Not all that worried but maybe I should be?
  3. Wanted; incl. Ebay items!
    Hey All, What I'm after is in the name. Been looking for months now.. Still nothing. Missed out on one before too. Anyways, I know they're rare. If anyone comes by one or see's one anywhere, let me know ASAP PLEASEEE! :) Thanks, Karl
1-3 of 4 Results