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  1. MG ZS
    Hi Gents, My gear shift had been feeling a bit notchy for a while leading me suspect low clutch fluid so I checked under bonnet to discover that the clutch fluid reservoir was missing its cap. Perhaps I forgot to screw it back on at the last top-up. IDK. Anyway, emailed Dark Ice to source a...
  2. MG ZS
    Urgently need Sheddist kit or will sadly need to get rid. Was planning to get belts and other necessaries done but not worth spending a penny if at the end of it the car's not fit for serious driving. Shame really. Only 47K on the clock. Will give it another 4 weeks to see if Nigel reappears but...
  3. MG ZS
    Tonight I got myself a lovely clutch and slave cylinder kit from Sheddist for fitting to my ZS180. The car has been off the road for a little bit as the old slave cylinder failed when I arrived at work one day and was parking my car up. Luckily as I say i was at work and so it was just a case...
1-3 of 3 Results