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  1. MGTF / MGF
    Hi I've got a weird noise in my MG-TF and was hoping someone could help! The background is: - Last thursday i had smoke from the engine and the car started leaking thin, pink-ish coloured liquid onto the road - I took it to a garage who told me it was the head gasket and said they wouldnt touch...
  2. MG ZS
    Hey guys iv been having a problem getting the car to talk to a T4 or any other type of computer. Does anyone have a clue of what the problem could be and how i might get it to talk. I really need some advice on this so if anyone has come across this problem i would be very grateful of some wise...
  3. MG ZS
    Hey Guys i know this is a common problem my srs light has been on since buying the car. Iv looked it up on here, but after disconnecting the yellow connector and cleaning them the srs light is still on. what else can I do to get this light to go out without simply removing the bulb? any advice...
  4. MG ZS
    on a few occasions ive had my car upto the over 100 kph mark and when i come to the end of my run at e.g approaching a roundabout etc if i brake hard i get a weird rough grinding noise, now i know its not my discs or pads because it happened before and i changed the discs and pads and it was...
1-4 of 6 Results