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  1. MG ZS
    Another year another MOT. Usual advisories about rusty discs, worn tyre, nail in tyre (!!!) and a new one this year, under body rust. I think the latter refers to the rusty fuel tank and not to anything structural. Either way, it needs addressing. I hardly ever see under body rust...
  2. MG-Rover General Chat
    The SRS light on my Dash has been on for a while now. Managed to fix it once by twiddling around with the connection under the seat. Due for MOT now and wondering if it's failable fault.
  3. MG ZS
    Can't trace my MOT certificate for the minute. Is there an quick online way of checking when it expires? The directgov website wants me to quote my MOT number before it checks my MOT status!! A bit daft really, since if I had my certificate handy I wouldn't need to look online!