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  1. MG ZS
    my clutch felt weird so i stripped back the air box to examin the hydraulic system...couldnt find any leaks but my slave cylinder was sitting at an angle, 45degree, so the push rod was not going in properly.. ive taken the slave cylinder out the bracket...and now just trying to figure out how...
  2. For Sale; incl. Ebay items!
    Brand new pads were spare set for ZS now running big brakes so spare to requirements. Product InformationEBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are manufactured from a full race material to give: •Superb bite, even when brakes are cold •Optimum braking even at high temperatures •Long brake pad wear life...
  3. Wanted; incl. Ebay items!
    Can anyone help with this? I need a bonnet and bonnet grille in good condition - must be in Le Mans Green. Thanks, James
  4. Wanted; incl. Ebay items!
    I need the following spare parts for my Le Mans Green Mk1 ZS Saloon. Can anybody help?? Bumper (must be Le Mans Green) Grille (must be Le Mans Green) Cross member that sits behind bumper AC Condensor plus fans Radiator Think that's it. The car suffered a 5mph collision after slipping on ice...
  5. MG ZS
    on a few occasions ive had my car upto the over 100 kph mark and when i come to the end of my run at e.g approaching a roundabout etc if i brake hard i get a weird rough grinding noise, now i know its not my discs or pads because it happened before and i changed the discs and pads and it was...
1-5 of 7 Results