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Gary Hagen's ZR160

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Gary Hagen's ZR160 - Background!

I bought her New in September 2002; it is the 160 model.

I had been driving her standard for a while until I saw  some ABC snake eye lights on their website. I had searched all the local accessory shops to locate  some, but was  but was constantly being told they were  delayed. Finally, I bought some in June 2003. 

I was going on a sight seeing trip to New York and Id always heard that everything was cheaper over there so I started to look on the internet for anything and everything, and came across etronics.com (this was the cheapest electrical goods store) so I decided to get myself a car stereo with a flip out screen. I then settled on a Pioneer AVH-P6400CD this cost me less than 400. So I checked Halfords and they were selling it for 1200 so I saved myself a bit of money.

Then I had to buy a DVD player to go with it, after looking on eBay I decided to get a Worldstar multi region 1 as it can be mounted at any angle, and it has played everything I throw at it since.

I had always liked the look of the MG ZR Rally car and I wanted the front bumper I then found out you could buy it from MG SnR which I eventually did. What made my mind up was seeing Mat Carlisles's (Mat C) in the flesh at the Fairmile track day in July 2004 the next Monday I went to Longbridge to pick up my bumper and spot lights. My local body shop was highly recommended so they painted and fitted the bumper.

Then after a few months of being registered on xpowerforums.com I noticed that you could get the xpower back box at a discount so ordered one through the forum this gave my car a nice deep burble at any revs.

A friend over on themgzr.co.uk was selling his car so I bought his old body coloured rear lights off him.

Then with my Christmas bonus I got a set of 18 RS GT alloy wheels with Toyo tyres, at this point I got some Focus style LED side repeaters.

I have a set of AVO lowering springs that I need to fit, and Im trying to get a S1600 rear spoiler to go with the front bumper (for show use only).

Pictures of Gary's ZR160