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Help at Hand for MG Rover ZT Owners by Autocraft SVE Ltd

MG Rover owners worried about factory support for the V8 engined versions of the 75 saloon have been offered a lifeline by Salisbury-based automotive engineers Autocraft SVE Ltd. The company is the European source for service, performance upgrades and technical expertise for the 4.6 litre V8 power plants first seen in the MG ZT 260, and developed for MG Rover by Canada’s  Sean Hyland Motorsport.


“Though it is common knowledge that MG Rover opted for the Ford 4.6 litre V8 as used in the Mustang; the Ford specifications are not directly transferable to these MG Rover vehicles as there are considerable differences in both engine management and detailed packaging. Having direct access to this information through our link with Sean Hyland allow us to offer correct fault diagnosis and service replacement parts to keep these cars emission-legal”,  says Autocraft SVE director Dave Davies.


At present, the company can provide power-train support for the rear-wheel-drive MG ZT 260, the built-to-order Rover 75 V8 saloon, and the MG SV sports coupe in both 4.6 litre and 5.0 litre versions. It is also prepared to source other components for these models from their original equipment manufacturers, depending on availability. Subject to demand, Autocraft SVE is considering extending its remit to front-wheel-drive ZT cars and the MGF, but cautions that for this to happen, issues of manufacturing copyright and licensing over the K series engines need to be resolved between the administrators of MG Rover and any eventual purchaser of the company’s assets.


Set up in August 2003, Autocraft SVE Ltd., is a retailer of performance vehicle parts, and UK agent for the Sean Hyland Motorsport range of Ford single and DOHC V6,V8 and Zetec racing engines. The company's workshops are equipped with a 600 BHP rolling road facility, and as well as carrying out race and rally preparation, engine, brake and chassis conversions, Autocraft SVE will undertake one-off automotive projects to customer order.