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PGI transmission.

PG1 Gearbox is a five-speed constant mesh gearbox, which employs helical gears for speed transmission and final drive. The transmission casings are of a full aluminium construction and all other components optimised for improved weight. (37kg dry).


The gearbox can be supplied with either a standard open differential or a Limited Slip Differential presently Torsen, the name which is derived from TORque SENsing. Due to the modular design of the gearbox various final drive ratio and 1st to 5th gear ratio combinations have been used. Including both present and past an overall total of 21 ratio combinations, 5 speedometer gear ratios; and 7 clutch lever designs for both hydraulic and cable operation can be called on to ensure the customers requirements are met.


The gearbox in its two types of standard (rated to 216Nm) and uprated (rated to 240Nm) is presently supplied to various companies including MG Rover, Land Rover, Honda and Lotus for vehicles such as Rover 25 and 45, MGF, MG ZR, MG ZS, Land Rover Freelander and Lotus Elise.