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  • There are four main elements to MG TF colour and trim: paint, interior hardware, interior soft trim and hood.

  • Additionally, a body colour hard top in black, white or to match the paint colour is available as a factory-fit option.

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  Solar Red Trophy Yellow Platinum XPower Grey Anthracite Sienna Gold British Racing Green Le Mans Green Tahiti Blue Trophy Blue
  S S M M M P P P P P
Hood colour                    
Black (standard) l l l l l l l l l l
Blue (extra cost option)   l l l     l l
Green (extra cost option)     l   l l    
Grey (extra cost option) l   l l  
Colourway – Trim                    
TF 115                    
Ash – Black l l l l l l l l l l
Tan - light tan   l l l l l  
TF 120 - 135 and TF 160                    
Ash – Black l l l l l l l l l l
Tan - light tan   l l l l l  
Grenadine – Grenadine l   l l l     l  
Light Smokestone – Black   l l l   l

The following optional trims come in a variety of carefully-matched colours and are available in different  combinations according to the hard trim colour chosen.

Leather option Black; Alpaca and Tan; Blue and Black
Alcantara/Leather opt Gunsmoke and Black; Tan and Black; Grenadine and Black
Oxford Leather option Champagne; Ebony

l = recommended = alternative available

s = solid, m = metallic, p = pearlescent


New colours complement the restyled car. The TF is the first production MG to be offered with XPower Grey, a new metallic finish associated with MG’s ambitious motorsport programme. It will also be offered with the vivid Trophy Yellow and Trophy Blue colours that have proved so attractive on the Trophy 160 SE and on the three MG saloon car ranges, while Le Mans Green is also new to the roadster.

Adding further choice and freshness to MG TF exterior appearance is the new option of colour-keyed hoods. In addition to the standard black hood, customers will now be able to specify blue, grey or green hood material, either in recommended paint/hood combinations or to certain other customer preferences.


Increased choice is also the theme of the new interior trim schemes of the MG TF. All derivatives have completely new fabrics, revised seat styles and new colourway options. The new range builds on the extensive range of ‘personalisation’ items that have become such an MG speciality.

As before there are two standard colourways for the interior hardware, with ‘Ash Grey’ continuing, but ‘Walnut’ being replaced by a lighter ‘Tan’. New for the TF 120, TF 135 and TF 160 models is an extra-cost choice of ‘Grenadine’ (a rich warm red) or ‘Smokestone’, (a warm light grey) which both harmonise stylishly with several of the external colours offered. These four moulding colours are matched appropriately with a new range of seat and door trim insert colours, which are Black, light Tan and Grenadine. The tonneau hood cover supplied with each MG TF also matches the interior colourway, giving smart presentation in use.

Other TF interior enhancements include ash grey trim for the A posts and header rail, and a new textured ‘technical’ black finish for the console surround, instrument binnacle cover and door garnish rails on the TF 135, TF 120 and TF 160, while all models have a new bright, soft-feel finish for the heating and ventilation controls. Improved instrumentation features new graphics on the silver dials, use of a consistent floodlighting technique for main and console dials and overall rheostat control of instrument and switch illumination. In the UK, in common with the MG saloon ranges, Kenwood audio equipment is available, with a variety of standard and optional radio cassettes, CD tuner, MP3 CD tuner and CD autochanger.


‘Sebring’ is the new seat fabric introduced for the TF 115 and TF 135 models. It is a double needle bar-knitted material that echoes the stylish high-tech fabrics of current sports clothing. On the TF 115 it is used with vinyl borders, the TF 135 having full-width fabric with fluted centre panels.

For the TF 120 Stepspeed and the TF 160, there is a combination of leather and the new ‘Daytona’ fabric. Daytona is known as a ‘dobby-woven’ cloth (after the machine used), and has a sports style rubberised yarn.


Yet further trim options for the TF 120, TF 135 and TF 160 models are available, as follows:

Leather: This features full leather seat facings, door inserts, duotone steering wheel trim and cubby box lids. (Black leather gearlever and handbrake gaiters are standard on all models.) Black fabric floor mats with binding matching the seat centre are also included. Available in the three colour schemes of Black, Alpaca & Tan or Blue & Black.

Alcantara: Similar to the Leather pack, but with Leather/Alcantara seat facings, Alcantara door inserts and black leather steering wheel. Available in Gunsmoke & Black, Tan & Black or Grenadine & Black.

Oxford Leather: This uses superior grade leather for the whole seats, the door inserts, handbrake/gear lever gaiters, and, if the ‘Champagne’ colour is chosen, the steering wheel trim. The steering wheel, cubby box lids and floor mats are as the normal Leather option, available in either ‘Champagne’ or ‘Ebony’ colours.

Other special interior options include genuine walnut veneer door finishers, carbon fibre door finishers, wood-look console surround, wood/black leather steering wheel and the ‘bright pack’ which includes a bright ashtray and handbrake release button, complemented by exterior bright mesh air grilles and door handles. A matching bright finish cigar lighter is available within the extensive range of MG TF accessories.

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