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MG announced on Oct 11, 2002 an enhanced performance diesel powered MG ZT saloon and MG ZT-T estate car.  The ZT/ZT-T 135 CDTi offers increased levels of power and torque over the recently launched ZT CDTi, with power rising from 116Ps to 131Ps and torque from 260 to 300Nm.


Appealing to the sports orientated motorist who requires high levels of fuel economy, the MG ZT/ZT-T 135 CDTi diesels have competitive levels of performance.  The saloon 135 CDTi is capable of 0-60mph in 10.3 secs (11.0 for the regular CDTi), 30-50mph (4th gear) in 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 120mph.  In terms of economy the ZT 135 CDTi has an official Combined figure of 48.8mpg – the same as the ZT CDTi.




With winter looming, Rover has introduced for ATC equipped diesel-powered 75 Saloon and Tourer models an optional parking heater.  Activated by a timer control or instantly by a long-range remote control plip, the parking heater is designed for cold days when de-iced windows and a warmed interior can make for a comfortable and safe start to a journey.


The timer control unit, sited within the centre armrest, can be programmed to warm the car interior with three-programmable switch-on times and a fixed 30-minute heating cycle.  Alternatively, the remote control can operate the parking heater to either override the timer or activate additional operation times of up to 60 minutes, from a range of up to 600 metres.


The parking heater system, when activated, enables both the fuel-burning heater and the car’s heating and ventilation system to function independently of the ignition, with heated coolant pumped around the engine and circulated in the cabin.


Tests carried out in Scandinavia, with temperatures below –32oC, showed the parking heater producing an interior level of 24oC, allowing the engine to start with ease and the windows cleared with a single wipe.  Without it several minutes would pass before reaching 0oC when it would become safe to drive.


The parking heater option is priced at £400. Below is a differences spec sheet. Dor the base CDTi spec see here.


Body, dimensions and weights    
No. of doors/seats   4/5
Length/width/height m 4.74/1.97/1.41
Wheelbase m 2746
Track, front/rear mm 1505
Turning circle m 11.36
Fuel tank capacity ltr 65
Cooling system including heater ltr 7.5
Engine oil ltr 5.2
Transmission fluid ltr 1.6
Maximum weight, unladen (EC Kerb) kg 1535-1620
Maximum permissable axle load – front / rear kg 1100/1000
Maximum trailer load braked kg 1600
Maximum trailer load unbraked kg 750
Maximum roof load/trailer nose weight kg 80/100
Luggage comp capacity ltr 432
Drag coefficient cd 0.32
Configuration/no. of cylinders/valves   Transverse in-line/ 4 / 16 valve
Engine management   Siemens
Displacement, effective cc 1951
Bore/stroke mm 84.0x88.0
Compression ratio/fuel grade :1 18.0
Maximum output Ps/kW 116/85
Maximum output at engine speed rpm 4000
Maximum torque Nm/lb ft 260/192
Maximum torque at engine speed rpm 2000
Battery Ah/- 75
Alternator Amp 115
Brakes, front   Pin slider calipers with ventilated discs
Diameter mm 284
Brakes, rear   Pin slider calipers
Diameter mm 280
Steering   PAS / rack & pinion
Turns lock to lock   2.95
Type of transmission   Five speed manual
Transmission ratio I:1 3.577
  II:1 2.022
  III:1 1.292
  IV:1 0.919
  V:1 0.686
  VI:1 -
  R:1 3.308
Final drive ratio   3.737
Tyres & wheels   7.5J x 18" Alloy 225/45 R18 Spare: 4J x 16 space saver with T125/90 R16 tyre
Front suspension   MacPherson struts with gas filled sports dampers and rear-facing ‘L’ shaped lower arms, mounted on a peripheral subframe. Anti-dive geometry.
Rear suspension   Z-axle with coil springs, gas filled dampers. Anti squat geometry. Optional sports suspension pack with up-rated springs and dampers.
These specifications are for the UK market only. Deviations from the model variant described here are possible in various markets.