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JLD Racings Metro Cup Car

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COTM - August 2005

JLD’s Metro – MG Metro Cup race car

I don’t know what it is about motorsport, but it gets into your blood and when it does, it stays with you.


Motorsport has, for a long time, held a great fascination for me. After many years of watching it I started to marshal at meetings – getting closer to the action. My latest venture takes that final step and puts me in a racecar.


My metro is a 1994 Rover Metro GTi, with a 1.4 litre K-series twin cam engine, but has been extensively altered and modified to covert it into a racecar. It was bought in late July/early August after first having been seen on Ebay (where it attracted no bids). The car was ‘almost’ race ready, but there are still things that need doing.


My chosen championship, The Drayton Manor Park MG Metro Cup, strictly limits what can (and what cannot) be done to the car.


The car still looks like a standard Metro (indeed the regulation state that it must retain it’s original silhouette, no massive spoilers allowed), and still retains its original colour of British Racing Green. Closer inspection shows that it is far from standard though.


The car sits considerably lower than a road going Metro, so much so that there is very little (if any) space between the wheels and the wheel arches. Although It sits lower, the Hydrogas suspension is run at a higher than standard pressure to stiffen the suspension.


The interior of the car is vastly different to a standard Metro. Much of the interior trim has been removed – only the original dashboard remains.


By John Doubtfire.


The current specification of the car is;


  • Suspension lowered and stiffened all round and converted to run as 4 separate units (all interconnecting pipes removed.

  • Interior trim removed

  • Roll centre roll cage with door bars

  • Sparco race seat

  • 4 point race harness

  • Steering lock removed (ignition switch now dashboard mounted)

  • External electrical cut off switch

  • Bonnet and boot locking mechanisms replaced with locking pins

  • Yokahama A539 tyres

  • Mintex brake pads

  • Full race exhaust from manifold back

  • Rerouted air intake – using original airbox with K&N filter


There is still work to be done, a fire extinguisher needs to be obtained and fitted and I need to complete an ARDS course for my race licence, but I’m already looking forward to next season, even though this season is not yet over.